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Self-care programs for caregivers

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If you are feeling stressed and anxious about COVID-19, it is important to cope with these feelings for both your emotional and physical health. 

There are tools available to help you and your family with anything from day-to-day stresses to other challenges like anxiety or depression. Finding healthy ways to cope with stress makes you, the people you care for, and your community stronger.

No matter your needs or preferences, get the right support anytime, anywhere by using Resource Finder to find the best fit for you among these free work, life and self-care services.

For Caregivers, from Caregivers: Tips for Self-Care

To celebrate 2019 Mental Health Awareness Month, a panel of caregivers shared their self-care tips for work and life, and the emotional health programs that help them the most.

Hear from Heidi M., Shae C. and Melissa B. in this recording of our Facebook Live event!

Additional Resources

Many organizations across the country also currently offer online resources for additional emotional support. All of these resources are free and accessible to you