Basic Training 70

The Path to Certification

Basic Training 70 prepares you with the information and skills you need to successfully pass the certification exam and become a Home Care Aide. Before certification, you’ll be equipped to deliver respectful, high-quality, and comprehensive care, learning how to properly perform a variety of tasks and skills to work with your Consumer and their care team. As students, you bring a diverse set of life experiences, education levels, and English language proficiency to the classroom, so we’ve designed these learning experiences to meet that diversity and honor the knowledge that you bring to class.

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Prior to Providing Care

Complete a Background Check

All HCAs must complete a background check before beginning work. After the background check is complete, you must schedule a fingerprint appointment.

How to Register

Create a username and password, then log in to register for classes! Create your username and password to log in to the portal here.

Take Orientation & Safety Training Online

Sign up as a new student to access the online training. Call the Member Resource Center at 1-866-371-3200 if you have questions.

What to Expect From Basic Training Courses

  • An instructor with direct care experience who is passionate about supporting you in your professional growth
  • A dynamic learning environment featuring hands-on training, engaging videos and activities to improve your writing and problem-solving talents
  • The chance to demonstrate the skills you are being taught
  • An informative student guide to use in class and keep as a future resource

You will be expected to share your opinions and things you have learned, and also to contribute to discussions — because we value all points of view in the classroom.

Some of the Skills You’ll Strengthen

  • Active communication with your consumers
  • Identifying obstacles that prevent effective problem-solving and finding ways to overcome them
  • Understanding consumer rights and ways to encourage your consumer to be independent
  • Promoting dignity and privacy, while encouraging and supporting a consumer’s independence
  • Protecting the consumer’s right to live free of abuse, neglect, abandonment and exploitation
  • Respecting cultural background, lifestyle and traditions while providing care
  • Preventing the spread of infectious diseases
  • Understanding how nutrition and hydration can impact a consumer’s health
  • Creating meal plans that adhere to your consumer’s care plan and accounting for nutritional needs and basic food handling measures to prevent the spread of food-borne diseases

Eligibility for Basic Training

Basic Training 70 is available to newly hired Home Care Aides who have that training requirement (click here to see the training requirements chart). Thanks to a new collective bargaining agreement with the State of Washington, all Individual Providers have the option to enroll in Orientation & Safety and Basic Training 70. This includes providers who may have been previously exempt from taking Basic Training. Upon completion of Orientation & Safety and Basic Training and successfully passing the State Department of Health Exam, Home Care Aides who elect to take this training will receive a raise upon certification. To see the full details in the contract, please click here. If you have additional questions about this program please contact the Member Resource Center toll-free at 1 (866) 371-3200 or email

Training Standards

Training standards vary for different workers. We have a guide to help you decide which courses are right for you.

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Self-Care Matters Too

We’re here to help you reduce stress and avoid burnout. Our Basic Training courses give you the tools to recognize common barriers to self-care and ways to overcome them. You’ll learn the importance of self-care to avoid injury and overcome stress. See why the health care you receive is just as important as the health care you give!