Orientation & Safety

Get started on your training early.

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Orientation & Safety Training (O&S) provides you with basic safety skills before you start caring for your client.

Once O&S is completed, you can begin working. All caregivers are required to complete this training.

The Course Will Introduce You to the Following Skills:


What to expect in becoming a caregiver.

Emergency Ready

How to handle emergencies.

Preventive Care

How to stop the spread of infectious diseases.

Accident Prevention

How to prevent accidents and injuries.

Take Orientation & Safety Online

Individual Providers (IPs): please contact Consumer Direct Care Network Washington (CDWA) to get instructions for completing O&S.

Agency Providers (APs): Complete and get credit for O&S* by viewing the videos at the links below in either English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian and Vietnamese and then reporting your completion or your supervisor.

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*If you have previously taken this training or have a credential, you may not need to complete O&S training. For Agency Providers (APs), please check with your employer to see if you need to complete O&S.