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About the SEIU 775 Benefits Group

A Way Forward in Washington State

SEIU 775 Benefits Group provides high quality training and benefits to improve care.

The SEIU 775 Benefits Group trains and develops professional long-term care workers to deliver high-quality care and support to older adults and people with disabilities.

The SEIU 775 Benefits Group negotiates and purchases high-quality health care benefits for long-term care workers in Washington and Montana.

Innovating Tomorrow's Home Care Workforce

Each day in the U.S., 8,000 people turn 65 years of age. National surveys report that when given a choice about long-term care services, most Americans prefer to remain at home rather than move to a nursing home. Washington state leads the nation in transforming Medicaid programming to offer home care to those eligible for nursing homes. And since Medicaid funds a significant portion of long-term care services, the in-home care choice has meant significant savings for taxpayers. According to a University of Washington study, 440,000 Home Care Aides will need training to meet this growing demand.

Nationally, Though, Home Care Aides Experience:

  • Little or no training: Lack of federal training requirements means that workers providing nursing-home-level care have no or little training, even though nursing homes require a 75-hour entry-level training.
  • Little or no health insurance: Nationally, most home care workers have little or no health insurance.
  • Dead-end jobs: Little to no entry-level training results in a lack of career pathways.
  • Low wages: On average, Home Care Aide in Washington state earn $13,000, working only about 105 hours/month.

We are committed to making Washington state a leader in creating solutions to the problems facing Home Care Aides across the country.

Our Solution

Raise the Professionalism of Home Care Workforce with Comprehensive Training

BTv3 Lift Training Our vision is that every long-term care worker is a professional who has been trained rigorously, whose work is well respected and well compensated, who has meaningful opportunities for professional development and career growth, and who provides high-quality care. We conduct industry research to identify existing and emerging skills gaps and are developing new Home Care Aide roles that add value to the entire health care system. Our evolving curriculum keeps the home care workforce current with increasingly complex and fast-changing on-the-job needs.

Empower a Healthy Home Care Workforce with High-Value Health Benefits

Our health insurance and health promotion specifically supports a healthy Home Care Workforce. We strive to provide high-value health benefits designed to meet Home Care Aides’ needs. The Benefits Group is a nonprofit leader in health solutions for low-income workers who have:

  • A history of little or no health insurance, whom the Benefits Group empowers with behavior change that resets “where I go for what” utilization habits.
  • Limited resources for out-of-pocket costs, for whom the Benefits Group designs benefits that motivate preventive and primary care.
  • No central worksite, for whom the Benefits Group provides unique online and localized programming.

Our unique partnership with Group Health Cooperative helps leverage resources and strategies to control costs and improve health.

  • Emphasizing preventive care to encourage beneficiaries overall health
  • Encourage participation in health assessments so beneficiaries understand how daily decisions affect their health
  • Encourage use of in-network providers to save beneficiaries money

This outreach effort resulted in cost savings and health improvement for our community of Home Care Aides. Without the Benefits Group’s affordable monthly premiums, many of these low-income workers would be forced to go without health insurance. And by providing low-income workers with affordable coverage, The Benefits Group produced significant cost savings for employers as well as the state.

We ensure that the important role that Home Care Aides perform in our communities is honored and valued.

Washington State Leads the Way

Washington state leads the nation with the highest training standards for Home Care Aides, including 75 hours of entry-level training, a Department of Health credentialing requirement, and an annual 12-hour CE requirement.

Training Program Overview


Health Benefits Program Overview