About SEIU 775 Benefits Group

Supporting Caregivers Through High-Quality, High-Impact Benefits

SEIU 775 Benefits Group partners with workers, employers and industry stakeholders to collectively solve challenges facing the home care workforce through innovation, creativity and an evidence-based approach.

Together, we deliver high-quality training, health, secure retirement and job-matching benefits and services to support a growing workforce.

Mission, Vision and Values


SEIU 775 Benefits Group’s mission is to improve the skills, health and stability of the caregiving workforce through innovation and high-quality benefits and programs.


SEIU 775 Benefits Group believes in a world of dignity with a thriving workforce to meet our communities’ needs today, tomorrow and beyond.


  • Collaboration.
  • Dedication.
  • Excellence.
  • Inclusivity.
  • Innovation.
  • Integrity.

SEIU 775 Benefits Group's Commitment to Equity

Our Commitment to Caregivers

Caregiving has historically been considered women’s work, often underpaid and undervalued, and predominantly performed by Black women, women of color and immigrant women. As such, during the last century caregivers were excluded from many labor laws that set workforce standards. It has taken decades for caregivers’ basic rights to be protected. Today, caregivers continue to be impacted by sexism, racism and poverty leading to financial instability and health disparities. 

 SEIU 775 Benefits Group is changing that. By improving the skills, health and stability of the caregiving workforce, we are helping to address these historic disparities. Delivering accessible, inclusively designed high-quality benefits increases equitable outcomes and positions caregivers as healthcare professionals.

Our Commitment to Our Employees 

SEIU 775 Benefits Group holds ourselves accountable to its work on equity. We are determined to create a workplace environment that is inclusive for everyone, no matter what. Unapologetically, we aim for our employees to feel empowered bringing  their whole, authentic selves to work, regardless of their race, color, gender identity, religion, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, physical abilities, age, sexual orientation, veteran, or marital status.

We are dedicated to a culture that does not tolerate discrimination, oppression, systemic racism, microaggressions, or inequity. We are committed to prioritizing our staff and meeting their diverse needs, knowing it will better serve them to do their best work.  We firmly believe this strengthens our organization, and allows us to better serve caregivers, our partners, and the community.


Leading-edge training equips caregivers to deliver high-quality care and support to older adults and people with disabilities while advancing their professional skill and credentials.

Health Benefits

High-quality, affordable health coverage and free wellness programs ensure caregivers are healthy and safe as they care for others.

Secure Retirement Plan

A first-of-its-kind secure retirement plan provides greater financial security to caregivers in retirement.


Job-matching through Carina supports caregivers in finding new clients through an easy to use online service.