Tools for Calm Course

Learn how to practice mindfulness

About the Course

Tools for Calm — Mindfulness for Caregivers is a weekly, instructor-led webinar course on mindfulness. Along with other caregivers in the course, you will learn new and practical ways to deal with the stress and challenges in your life.

Tools for Calm can help you:

  • Identify when and how to find moments to relax.
  • Be calm in the midst of stress.
  • Better deal with feelings of anxiety or depression.
  • Sleep better.

Caregivers who have a Continuing Education (CE) requirement will receive 1 CE credit for each session they complete. You must take all 6 sessions of Tools for Calm to receive 6 hours of CE credit.

The online course offers:

  • A weekly, 1-hour class for 6 weeks.
  • Instructor-led webinars you can attend from home.
  • Exercises and tools to try at work or home.
  • A community of caregivers to support and encourage you.

Course Dates

Click on the Tools for Calm start date below to see the complete schedule for that date.

Monday March 18
Monday March 25
Monday April 15
Monday April 22
Monday April 29
Monday May 6

How to Enroll

Individual Providers (IPs) can enroll by calling the Member Resource Center at 1-866-371-3200. They are available from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Agency Providers (APs) can enroll in CEs by contacting their employer.

What Are Other Caregivers Saying About Tools for Calm?

Caregivers talk about the program in their own words:

“Mindfulness is…about self-care, it’s about time for yourself.”

“One of the biggest takeaways from this class was how to calm yourself down when you’re in a situation that might be too much for you.”

—Caregiver Melissa B.

“I think with the technique [of mindfulness], it’s made me a calmer person and it’s stopped me from stressing out on things I used to stress out on.”

—Caregiver Alice R.

Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities have the right to request and receive reasonable accommodation so they can take full advantage of the Training Partnership’s programs and activities. Learn more about our reasonable accommodation policy.

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