Types of Training

Quality training to help you deliver quality care.

Your learning benefits begin as soon as you decide to become a caregiver!

You will get comprehensive training that will help you give high-quality care to your client or loved one.

After completing your required training, you will have more opportunities to build your skill set, grow professionally and increase your technical knowledge through Continuing Education and other programs.

Courses and Learning Benefits

All caregivers must complete Orientation & Safety Training (O&S) to begin working.

Basic Training 7 is required training for Parent Individual Provider (DDA).

Basic Training 30 is required training for Parent Individual Provider, Limited Service and Adult Child Caregivers.

Information and skills needed to earn Department of Health (DOH) certification, required to become a Home Care Aide (HCA).

Want to develop advanced caregiving skills? Find out if you’re eligible and enroll.

Continuing Education (CE) courses are an opportunity for you to refresh important skills or learn new skills that are specific to the needs of your client(s). Standard HCAs and Adult Child Providers will need to complete 12 hours of CE every year.

Classroom policies ensuring a successful learning environment, everyone supports each other and gets the most out of each class.

Suggest a Training Topic

You can suggest the next class topic! Let us know what you are interested in learning more about.

How to Get the Most From Your Learning Benefits

Complete DOH Certification Requirements

If you need certification, start the process as soon as possible! Learn more about the steps required to become certified.

Take Online Classes for CE Credits

Online Continuing Education courses are an easy and convenient way to get the Continuing Education (CE) hours you need as a Home Care Aide. You can view available courses, take classes and see your credits right from your My Benefits account— 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Go Online for Your Learning Needs

The Caregiver Learning Center in your My Benefits account gives you access to available classes, your current training status, benefits eligibility and much more. Log in to My Benefits to get the answers you need.

Update Your Contact Info

Make sure you’re getting the latest learning information by updating your contact information with your employer or by logging into My Benefits and updating your information in your account.



Training is offered throughout the state — with classes in 150 locations and 13 languages. Many are available during nights and weekends.

Class Cancellations

The Student Code of Conduct contains our cancellation policy and other information to help you manage your training.

Student Code of Conduct