Advanced Home Care Aide Specialist Training – Curriculum

What will you learn in Advanced Home Care Aide Specialist Training?

You will develop your skills and build your knowledge when you enroll to take Advanced Home Care Aide Specialist Program.

The course includes key skills labs that will:

  • Help take your caregiving to the next level.
  • Enhance your relationship with your client.
  • Earn you an extra $0.75 an hour after you’ve completed the training if you are eligible.

The course consists of 70 hours of training. Learning takes place online and in person, with just one day a week in the classroom. Your online experience will be customized for your learning speed and will feature an easy-to-learn platform.

The course includes the following skills sets:

Skills Lab Skill Set Description
Skills Lab 1 Person-Centered Care You will learn the differences between a Medical Model and a Person-Centered approach, as well as create a client profile that addresses what’s important to, and for, your client.
Skills Lab 2 Motivational Interviewing Find ways to encourage positive and effective conversations about your client’s care.
Skills Lab 2 Problem-Solving Learn tips for dealing positively with potentially stressful situations and identify the steps you can take toward smart solutions.
Skills Lab 3 De-escalation Learn important observational skills, escalation triggers, techniques to avoid escalation as well as techniques for de-escalation.
Skills Lab 4 Treatment and Care Plans Identify tasks and goals and facilitate updates for different types of care plans with appropriate parties.
Skills Lab 4 Monitoring, Observation, & Reporting Monitor your client’s wellbeing over time.
Skills Lab 5 Medication Management Learn detailed ways to document, track, organize and store medications, and learn tips to ensure your client takes medication when needed.
Skills Lab 6 Health Literacy and Client Engagement Identify your client’s engagement and literacy levels, and target your support accordingly.
Skills Lab 7 Organizing Care Activities Learn tips for organizing appointment reminders, provider questions, medication coordination and discharge information.
Skills Lab 8 Wrap-up Bring together what you’ve learned and practice applying it to complex situations.