About Our Training Program

Innovating Tomorrow’s Home Care Workforce

We’re committed to raising the professionalism of the home care workforce through comprehensive training. As the largest educational institution dedicated to home care workforce development in the country, SEIU 775 Benefits Group trains nearly 50,000 Home Care Aides each year. We’re a leader in solutions for:

  • Adult learning through training developed to build on existing competencies and that is highly applicable and relevant to the job.
  • Rural learners and isolated workforce through online training, contact center support, and localized delivery design.
  • Linguistically and culturally diverse learners by training in 13 languages and prioritizing cultural competency.
  • Learners with low literacy and/or tech literacy by targeting accessible reading levels and designing online training to be user-friendly.

The solution doesn’t stop with entry-level training. Advancement opportunities help recruit and retain Home Care Aides. SEIU 775 Benefits Group proudly innovates in our region with the nation’s first scaled career pathway for Home Care Aides, with recognition from the U.S. Department of Labor as a “Trailblazer and Innovator” in 2012 for our Advanced Home Care Aide Apprenticeship program.


SEIU 775 Benefits Group is a 501(c)3nonprofit formed by SEIU 775 and participating employers, including the state of Washington (employer of record), to train and develop professional long-term care workers to deliver high-quality care and support to older adults and people with disabilities. In collaboration with SEIU 775, employers throughout the state, our College Consortium and our Community Network, SEIU 775 Benefits Group continues developing innovative, meaningful training programs to help transform the long-term care profession. Our goal is better training for long-term care workers and, in turn, better care for long-term care Consumers.


Every long-term care worker is a professional who has been trained rigorously, whose work is well-respected and well-compensated, who has meaningful opportunities for professional development and career growth and who provides high-quality care.


SEIU 775 Benefits Group was formed by SEIU 775 and a group of long-term care employers.



We believe in the dignity and worth of long-term care workers. They provide highly skilled support and care to older adults and people with disabilities, who also have dignity and worth.


We believe that long-term care workers are empowered to improve their lives and the lives of consumers through high-quality training and development opportunities.


We believe that professionalization supports the growth of a committed and qualified long-term care workforce.


We believe in cultivating a community of learning that provides opportunities for new and experienced workers — including opportunities to directly learn from each other. We believe that learning experiences should be evidence-based, designed for working adults and linked to career pathways.


We believe that solid leadership and critical thinking skills are essential to providing high-quality long-term care. We also believe that as an organization we are obligated to lead our communities toward the development of a committed and qualified long-term care workforce to meet our communities’ care needs.


We believe that we must intentionally cultivate a culture of innovation that maximizes the quality and reach of our organization’s goals. This includes not only innovation in technology, instructional methods and instructional content, but also innovation in managing and spurring collaboration and creativity within the field of long-term care training and development.

Inter-Cultural Competency

We believe that being aware of and respecting cultural differences is not only an organizational responsibility, but an essential component to delivering high-quality long-term care. Our organization and programs should integrate opportunities to learn about intercultural competency and how to honor differences.


We believe that training programs directly shape the skills and competencies of long-term care workers, and that long-term care workers are the most important factor in determining quality care. We also believe that as a service delivery organization, we should cultivate a culture of continuous quality improvement and implement systems to that end.


As a labor-management partnership, we have an obligation to work closely with labor and management representatives in the pursuit of beneficiaries’ interests, and we believe that in doing so we will add value to workers and employers. We also believe in aggressively pursuing meaningful and lasting relationships with higher education, workforce development, technology organizations, consumer organizations and research centers to advance systemic change and the network of possibilities that we can leverage in pursuit of our mission.


We believe in conducting ourselves with ethical integrity and always acting in the interests of our beneficiaries.

Committed to Making WA State a Leader

SEIU 775 Benefits Group works hand-in-hand toward economic justice for Home Care Aides across the state of Washington. And we are committed to making Washington state a leader in creating solutions to the problems facing Home Care Aides across the country.