Peer Mentor(学习辅导员)


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如果您是一名看护人,正在接受 Basic Training(基本培训),准备成为一名认证的家庭护理员 (HCA),您可以从 Peer Mentor(学习辅导员)那里获得指导和支持!

Peer Mentor(学习辅导员)本身就是经认证的看护人,拥有多年的护理经验,并在认证过程中指导其他看护人。


  • 参加技能演示在线直播网络研讨会。
  • 参加 30 分钟的电话支持会议。
  • 给 Peer Mentor(学习辅导员)发送电子邮件。

30 分钟支持会议(电话)

您可以跟 Peer Mentor(学习辅导员)预约半小时的电话支持。此会议可以帮助您复习在课堂上学到的技能,获得对提供护理服务的信心。您可以随时安排支持会议:开始提供护理服务时,准备 HCA 认证考试时,甚至在已经参加并通过考试之后。获得以下帮助:

  • Basic Training(基本培训)技能。
  • 对提供护理服务的信心。
  • 护理建议。
  • HCA 认证流程,包括备考。

您可以在周一至周五上午 9 点至下午 5 点的任意时间致电。通过电话或电子邮件安排支持会议:855-803-2095 或



如果看护人想要复习在培训中学到的技能,Peer Mentor(学习辅导员)每周会举办技能演示课程。网络研讨会举办时间:每周五上午 11 点至中午 12 点,下午 5 点至 6 点

请拨打 855-803-2095 或发送电子邮件至,联系 Peer Mentor(学习辅导员)注册网络研讨会。


电子邮件/电话信息和 Peer Mentor(学习辅导员)工作时间

Peer Mentor(学习辅导员)的工作时间为周一至周五上午 9 点至下午 5 点。当您致电时,Peer Mentor(学习辅导员)可能正在通过电话支持其他看护人。请留言,告知给您回电的最佳日期和时间。Peer Mentor(学习辅导员)会在 24-48 小时内给您回电。

他们的联系方式为:855-803-2095 或。


除英语外,您还可以使用以下语言与 Peer Mentor(学习辅导员)交谈:

  1. 粤语
  2. 普通话
  3. 越南语
  4. 提格里尼亚语
  5. 阿姆哈拉语
  6. 西班牙语
  7. 阿拉伯语
  8. 索马里语
  9. 您可以通过语言热线获得所有其他语言的帮助。

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Are you new to caregiving? Could use some support, encouragement or guidance?        

We understand being a new caregiver can be both gratifying and overwhelming. It’s important to us to support you on your path to success. We’ve set up a Peer Mentor support line for you to call when you’re looking for skills or training support or when you just want to talk with someone who can relate to what you’re going through.

Our Peer Mentors are certified Home Care Aides trained to support you. Mentors can help:

  • Clarify expectations as you prepare for training
  • Coach or tutor you throughout Basic Training
  • Apply skills learned in training to the realities on-the-job
  • Guide you through a professional challenge or dilemma
  • Be a resource to discuss professional growth opportunities
  • Provide general support or encouragement

Contact an experienced peer mentor today at 855-803-2095 (toll-free) or email us at

Support line hours are Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m. Please leave a message if a mentor is not immediately available. You will receive a call back within one business day.

Do you have questions about the exam process for Home Care Aide Certification? We can help with our FREE online session!

Register for our online session where we’ll cover the basics – from the DOH application, to the Prometric emails, to the exam itself.

During the session, we’ll also answer any questions you may have.

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  • Individuals who have completed Orientation & Safety
  • Students enrolled in/waiting to take Basic Training 70
  • Individuals preparing to take or re-take the certification exam
  • Newly certified Home Care Aides

Students may receive an email or a call from a peer mentor to offer assistance. Students can also call peer mentors at any time at 855-803-2095 or by email at

Peer mentorship can reduce anxiety by providing clarity around the realities of being a Home Care Aide and helping you navigate the process of working toward certification.

Students who received support say they experienced improved confidence in their skills and reduced test anxiety, and report feeling more prepared for the certification exam.

Students can use up to 12 free hours of peer mentoring support.

Peer mentoring is one-on-one support through phone and email to provide general encouragement to acquire new skills as you navigate caregiving.

The Member Resource Center (MRC) can help answer questions about health care benefits, retirement benefits, and training schedules. The Member Resource Center is available to support you Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can reach the MRC at 1-866-371-3200 or via email at

Contact a peer mentor today at 855-803-2095 or email us at