Continuous Health Coverage during COVID-19

Welcome to Caregiver Continuous Health Coverage.

For a limited time, if you work fewer than the required 80 hours per month due to COVID-19, you can still get continuous health insurance if you have health coverage through SEIU 775 Benefits Group! 

Maintaining your health insurance during the COVID-19 outbreak is easy:

  • To get started, if you have worked or expect to have worked fewer than 80 hours per month, notify SEIU 775 Benefits Group through the quick form below.

If you are not contacted after notifying us through this form, you can assume your continuous coverage has been approved for as long as the continuous coverage is available. Please check your status on MyPlan!* 

If you need language or technical assistance, please call your Health Benefits Specialists at 1-866-770-1917, Option 1.

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