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  • Technical support for My Benefits and Caregiver Learning Center.
  • Commonly asked questions about training and the training deadline extension.
  • Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) information and resources.

My Benefits and Caregiver Learning Center Help

This error message can appear when you do not use the exact information that you used when you were first hired. For example, if you go by the name “Mike”, but used your full name “Michael” when you were hired, you will need to input “Michael” as your first name.

Here a couple of other identified solutions:

  • Make sure that there is no space after you finish typing your name. You can do this clicking in the name field and if you see an extra space, hit “delete” or “backspace” until the cursor is at the end of your name.
  • If you have multiple names and used them when you were hired, please include all names.

If you are still receiving the error message after trying the solutions above, please contact the Member Resource Center for additional help.


This is an identified problem for some users in the new system. We are actively working on fixing this as soon as possible. This section will be updated as soon as it is fixed.

If you are trying to log in to My Benefits for training needs, please note that Washington state has extended the deadline for caregiver training requirements until the end of the COVID-19 State of Emergency. Currently, all caregivers with impacted training deadlines will have June 30, 2021 as their new training deadline on their training record.

If you have additional questions or concerns about the deadline extension, including what happens if it is not extended, visit the “Training and Training Deadline Help” section below to learn more about how caregivers will be supported once the extension period comes to an end.

This has been corrected in the Caregiver Learning Center for Basic Training and Continuing Education learners. You will see the correct information the next time that you log in.

This issue has been reported and we are currently working on correcting this as soon as possible. After it is corrected, you will not need to retake the courses that you have successfully completed.

There are 3 different potential solutions for this error message:

  1. If you have not set up your account since December 7, 2020 and are trying to use your old login information, you will need to create your new account. Steps can be found here.
  2. If you created your account after December 7, 2020 but did not click on the email verification link that you received within 24 hours, you will see this error message. You will need to go through the steps to create your new account again and click on the email verification link you are sent within 24 hours of receiving it.
  3. If you input the incorrect password too many times, your account will be locked. Try again after 24 hours.

This has now been corrected. All caregivers with an outstanding CE requirement should be able to see and enroll in a CE course in the Caregiver Learning Center.

View and download instructions on how to enroll in CEs. 

This problem has now been corrected. Learn how to download your transcript.

Training and Training Deadline Extension Help

Washington state has extended the deadline for caregiver training requirements until the end of the COVID-19 State of Emergency.

Currently, all caregivers with impacted training deadlines will have June 30, 2021 as their new training deadline on their training record. This date could be updated again in the future. Please continue checking this page or your Caregiver Learning Center on My Benefits for the most recent updates to training deadlines.

Caregiver training requirements are currently waived until Governor Inslee declares an end to the COVID-19 State of Emergency or until further action by the legislature.

SEIU 775 Benefits Group is working with DSHS, SEIU 775 and other partners to put in place a plan that will give all caregivers enough time to complete training requirements, regardless of the training deadline. This way, caregivers can continue working when the extension ends and as they work toward finishing training.

All caregivers with outstanding requirements will be scheduled for Basic Training. Currently, scheduling is based on caregiver deadlines and location availability. Classes are being slowly rescheduled due to COVID-19 cancellations and restrictions. Thank you for your patience as caregivers are safely scheduled into class.

If you need to pay for your HCA renewal but have not completed your 12 hours of CE, you may still attest in your renewal application that you are in compliance with your CE requirement.

HCA renewals are due by your CE deadline. You will then have until the of the end of the Governor’s proclamation to complete your CE requirement and will still be able to work as a caregiver during this time.

You can pay for your HCA renewal fee online or by mail:

  • Renew online.
  • Renew by mail. It must be postmarked no later than the date of your HCA renewal. Mail renewal fees to:
    • Department of Health
      PO Box 1099
      Olympia, WA 98507-1099

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Information and Resources

SEIU 775 has a page devoted to all your Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) questions. This page covers:

  • What you can do to best make sure you get paid accurately and on time.
  • Why EVV is happening and what you have to do.
  • Information about the Time4Care mobile app.
  • More!