2015 Advanced Home Care Aide Registered Apprenticeship Graduation

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FOR STUDENTS: Please join us for our 2015 Advanced Home Care Aide Registered Apprenticeship Program Graduation Ceremony on September 4 at 3:30 p.m at the Seattle Westin (1900 5th Avenue).

Each year we invite Apprenticeship graduates to an important celebration honoring their educational success, career advancement, and hard work. In year’s past, we were honored to have special guests of the Washington Congressional delegation – including United States Representative Suzan Delbene (Wa-1), Rep. Derek Kilmer (Wa-6), Rep. Rick Larsen (Wa-2), Rep. Jim McDermott (Wa-7) – Eric Liu of Guiding Lights Network/Citizens University, representatives from SEIU 775, such as SEIU 775 President David Rolf and SEIU 775 Vice President Sterling Harders, as well as agency partner leadership from ResCare and Chesterfield Health Services.

2014 Apprenticeship Graduation video

10 comments on “2015 Advanced Home Care Aide Registered Apprenticeship Graduation

  1. I don’t understand why you want a picture, I could get my hair done & nails wear a nice outfit and look nothing like the picture in the park taken with the conductor of the orchestra.

  2. Zachary Pullin says:

    Hello Sherri,

    Thank you for your comment.

    The picture request is so that we may include a photo of you in our graduation program booklet. If you don’t/can’t submit one we will just list your name in the program without a photo. If you would like your picture included, you may try asking a friend to take it for you. You can always contact the Member Resource Center at 1-866-371-3200 or by email at mrc@myseiubenefits.org as they can also help resolve your issue.

    Zachary Pullin
    SEIU 775 Training Partnership & Health Benefits Trust

  3. Zachary Pullin says:

    Hello Alice,

    Thank you for your comment.

    We are so grateful that your time in the Apprenticeship program was well worth it and that it was a learning experience. We hope you’ll join us at the graduation ceremony at the beginning of September.

    Zachary Pullin
    SEIU 775 Training Partnership & Health Benefits Trust

  4. Fialelei A Maiava says:

    My experience with the Apprenticeship program was rewarding and so glad I was allowed the opportunity to attend to better myself and skills so that I can better care for the clients. Thank u Seiu 775 Training Partnership.

  5. Pamela Brown says:

    I graduated in 2014 from the Apprenticeship program and I believe if anyone has a chance to take it they should. It was a great challenge and you meet new friends that is taking the program also.

  6. I enjoyed having the opportunity to learn with an eclectic group of caregivers in all stages of their careers and employers. We were able to learn from not only the books and teaches but through each other’s experiences in work, cultures, and our personal lives. Thank you for such an amazing opertuniy to learn in this manner.

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