4 Mental Health Benefits to Try

The world is as fast-paced as ever, and every day many things compete for our attention – a constant mental tug-of-war. This can wear anyone out, but especially caregivers, who often prioritize the needs of others over their own. Without proper support and resources, this has the potential to lead to stress, anxiety, depression, burnout or feelings of isolation over time.

If this sounds familiar, your health benefits can help. If you’re a caregiver with healthcare coverage through SEIU 775 Benefits Group, you have access to a wide variety of benefits to best serve your schedule and health needs through the Kaiser Permanente and Aetna health plans.

This Mental Health Awareness Month, learn about 4 types of benefits available to you to support you: 

  1. Smartphone Apps: Apps allow you to access support anytime, anywhere from your phone, tablet or computer.
    • All caregivers (on and off the plan) have access to Headspace Care, where you can connect with an expert coach for advice, counseling and goal-setting. With Headspace Care, you also get video therapy, guided meditations, sleep content and mindfulness tips at no cost. Learn more.
    • Kaiser Permanente: Kaiser Permanente members can download Calm, the meditation and mindfulness app. Try a short meditation exercise or sleep story next time you’re winding down or have a minute to relax. Learn more.
  2. Professional Support: Specialty counseling and therapy is available to you in-person and virtually through your healthcare coverage for a low co-pay. If you are on one of these health plans, log into your Member Portal to find a provider and schedule an appointment
    • Aetna: Aetna also provides access to Alma and Headway, virtual services to help you find a provider that match your preferences and language.
  3. Wellness Coaching: Physical wellness is very connected to emotional wellness. A wellness coach can help you set goals and stick to them, manage pain, eat healthier, increase physical activity and reduce stress so you feel your best.
    • Kaiser Permanente: Wellness coaching is available to all members, with no referral required. Learn more.
    • Aetna: Aetna offers AbleTo, a personalized 8-week program led by your care team that combines a mix of therapy and counseling. Learn more.
  4. Online Wellness Guides: Whether you’re interested in lifestyle tips, informative videos or a healthy weeknight recipe, both Kaiser Permanente and Aetna offer a wide variety of online resources that anyone can access regardless of healthcare coverage.
    • Kaiser Permanente: A broad range of articles and videos are available to help with everything from mindfulness to sleep to physical wellness. Learn more.
    • Aetna: The Healthy Living Guide provides expert tips and resources to create healthy habits and improve your mood. Learn more.

If you’re interested in these benefits and need support in a language other than English, call the Member Support line on your plan:
For member support in your language, call:  

  • KPWA: 1-888-901-4636 
  • KPNW: 1-800-813-2000 
  • Aetna: 1-866-353-9802 

Remember, caregiving isn’t only about delivering the best care for others, it’s about making time to give yourself the care you need too.