WELCOME! Website Gets New Look,
Improved Experience

Welcome to our new, completely redesigned website! We redesigned our site with your needs in mind and hope you’ll enjoy a simpler, easier experience navigating our site for information important to you.

Our website received a much needed overhaul. Information guides will help students and employers through complex steps, pages will be simpler to navigate, and important health and training information will be easier to find.

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Simple. Sleek.
More intuitive.
In a word, enhanced.

We’ve streamlined our pages – creating content designed for Home Care Aides. Navigating between pages is easier and finding the right content that appeals to you is just a click away.

A few of our website’s new features include:


Benefits info simplified & color-coded green


Training info simplified & color-coded blue


Translated benefits information in six languages

Improved Portal login box

Simple, easy-to-use Portal login box

Helpful, streamlined health benefits coverage finder:

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 10.44.08 AM

Easy to read across all devices:

Easy to read across all devices