Your 2018-19 Health Benefits

Major Plan Changes This Year

These enhancements to benefits have been made for the 2018-19 Plan Year:

New Benefit – Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through Health Advocate

With our new EAP, you* can receive licensed, professional counseling to help with life’s challenges including:

  • Anger, grief, loss, depression
  • Job stress, burnout, work conflicts
  • Marital relationships, family/parenting issues
  • Addiction, eating disorders, mental health

* To be eligible, you need to have worked at least 1 hour per month for an employer who participates in the Health Benefits Trust.  To remain eligible, continue working at least 1 hour per month.

New Benefit – Hearing Aid Coverage through EPIC Hearing

There is no co-pay for a hearing assessment through EPIC Hearing. You also get up to $1,200 per ear every three years toward the cost of a hearing aid. To take advantage of this benefit, please go through EPIC Hearing. Prior to accessing your benefits, call EPIC at 1-866-956-5400.

Preventative Dental – No co-pay required for preventative care on all plans

New Benefit – Orthodontic coverage with Delta Dental

Orthodontic coverage, now available with Delta Dental, covers 50% of the cost of treatment, up to a $2,000 lifetime maximum.

New Benefit with Delta Dental – Posterior composite (“white”) fillings are covered

2018-19 Health Plan Summaries

Your health plan membership card has information about which plan you are on.

Find the summary of your plan’s benefits below. Each packet also contains the Delta Dental plan summary, Willamette Dental plan summary, and a dental plan change form if you want to switch your plan.