How to Submit an Appeal to Your Insurance Carrier

Reasons to Send an Appeal to Your Insurance Carriers

  1. Your claim was denied.
  2. You want to dispute a bill.

How to Submit an Appeal to Your Carrier

Kaiser Permanente Washington Members
Kaiser Permanente Washington related claim appeal

Kaiser Permanente Northwest Members
Kaiser Permanente Northwest related claim appeal

Aetna Members

Call Member Services at the phone number on their member ID card, call 855-736-9469 or submit the following form:

Delta Dental Members

Delta Dental members can call customer service at 888-282-9501 or file an online grievance at

Willamette Dental Members

To file a clinical grievance, the patient will inform their dental provider or office management team of their concerns or contact the Member Services department 855-433-6825 to initiate a formal clinical grievance.

For more information on how to submit an appeal to the Health Benefits Trust Appeals Committee, visit this page.