HBT Member Appeal Rights

You have the right to send appeals to the SEIU Health Benefits Trust Appeals Committee for reasons such as:

  1. Adverse eligibility and enrollment decisions

  2. Delta Dental claims decisions

Find information here for other carrier appeals»

How to submit an appeal:

  1. Your appeal must be submitted in writing and include your name, address, and date. Include as many details you can provide about the decision you are appealing, and dates and names of anyone you have already spoken with about this issue. Include any helpful documents, written comments or other information to support your appeal.
  2. Mail your appeal to:
    Appeals Committee
    SEIU 775 Benefits Group
    c/o Zenith American Solutions Inc.
    11724 N.E. 195th Street, Suite 300
    Bothell, Washington 98011-3145
  3. You must submit the appeal within 180 days after you first become aware of the issue that you want to appeal.

For any questions, contact the Member Resource Center at 1-866-371-3200.

Frequently Asked Questions