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Meet Your Personal Life Coach

Get the free touchscreen phone app that gives you immediate access to personalized emotional support and life guidance: Ginger.

The Ginger app makes it easy for you to connect with an expert coach who can give advice and support through free, secure text messaging.

Your coach will help you:

  • Set and track fitness or life goals.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety and sleeping better.
  • Handle difficult personal or professional situations.
  • Find work-life balance.
  • And more!

NEW! Ginger is now available to your family members ages 18 and older (like your spouse or adult child). Your family member now have access to text-based coaching and 200+ self-care activities, videos and more through the Ginger app.

Caregivers Love Ginger

“I love the convenience and accessibility of my coach.”

“My coach Ashlee is a great listener and very responsive!”

“It’s like an extended support network… everyone should download this!”

Download Now!

It’s easy to get started with Ginger.

  1. Download the Ginger Emotional Support app.
  2. In the app, tap “Get Started” then tap “I Already Have A Code.”
  3. Enter SEIU775BG then tap “Next.”
  4. Chat with a coach immediately or schedule a chat for later.




Need help downloading the app? Watch a step-by-step instructional video or email for quick customer service (preferred method). If preferred, call Ginger Customer Support at (855) 446- 4374 (open Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm).

Benefits to You

In-the-moment support

Coaches respond in 1 minute or less, so you get the support you need, when you need it.

Confidential & secure

Talk to a coach from the privacy of your own home. All conversations are confidential and protected under HIPAA.

Free coaching*, 24/7

Anytime, secure text messaging with a coach is free of charge to SEIU 775 Health Benefits Trust members.

Hear Why Caregiver Kristen V. Loves Ginger

Frequently Asked Questions

Complete download instructions for Ginger are available here for your Android or iPhone:

For assistance from Ginger's Customer Service team, email This is the preferred and fastest way to receive customer support.

If you'd like to speak to a support person, please call Ginger Customer Support at (855) 446- 4374 (open Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm).

24/7 test-based coaching is free of charge to SEIU 775 Health Benefits Trust members. Video sessions with Ginger's licensed therapists and board-certified psychiatrists are available through the app at an additional cost.

If you’d like a new coach, click on the button at the top right corner of the screen. Be sure to tell member services what you’re looking for so they can better match you with a new coach.

Some people prefer having a face-to-face conversation with someone about what’s going on with them, and some people may also want to talk to a licensed healthcare professional instead of a coach. Ginger offers secure video chat with licensed therapists and psychiatrists in addition to the 24/7 text coaching service.

Members enrolled in the SEIU 775 BG health benefit can access secure video chat with a licensed professional, with no copay. To access this service, simply download the app using the instructions above and let your coach or customer service know you’re interested in scheduling an appointment with a licensed professional.

Ginger maintains your privacy and client confidentiality. SEIU 775 Benefits Group will not know how and when you use Ginger. Any information you share with your coach is treated as protected health information under HIPAA.

*Ginger is available to caregivers who have worked at least one hour for an employer who participates in the Health Benefits Trust including DSHS, Addus, Amicable, CCS, CDM, Chesterfield, Coastal CAP, Concerned Citizens, First Choice, KWA, Olympic CAP, Millenia, All Ways Caring Homecare, and Senior Life. Secure video chat with psychiatrists and therapists through the Ginger Emotional Support app has a $0 copay for anyone enrolled in a health plan through SEIU 775 Benefits Group.