Emotional Wellbeing Benefits for Caregivers

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and a great time to make sure you know about all the emotional wellbeing resources that are available to you.

Up to 50% of caregivers experience anxiety and 1 in 5 caregivers are at risk for moderate-to-severe depression. The good news is that help is available at any time and you have lots of options depending on your specific needs and preferences.

Every caregiver shares similar struggles, no matter their background or circumstances. You are not alone! Getting help is important and you do not have to wait until things get bad before seeking support and guidance.

If you are a caregiver with healthcare coverage through SEIU 775 Benefits Group, you also have access to professional support, medication, group therapy and alternative care, along with other convenient and free emotional health benefits from Kaiser Permanente and Aetna for little-to-no-cost outside of your monthly $25 payment for healthcare coverage.

If you do not have healthcare coverage through SEIU 775 Benefits Group, you can apply during Open Enrollment (July 1-20 every year) or when you have a Qualifying Life Event. Learn more about healthcare coverage and eligibility

Caregivers on the Kaiser Permanente plan have access to:

Caregivers on the Aetna plan have access to:

  • The Aetna AbleTo Support Program. Get help that fits your schedule with a convenient, 8-week phone/video counseling and coaching program. Call 1-844-330-3648 to learn more.
  • The Aetna Behavioral Health Condition Management Program. During this confidential program, work side-by-side with your care team to get early screening and the care and support you need. Call Aetna Member Services at 800-424-4047 to learn more.
  • Talkspace, online counseling and therapy services through a diverse network of providers. Learn more about Talkspace (you will need your Member ID card to get started).

Remember, these benefits are in addition to the many professional support and therapy benefits available to covered caregivers. Your doctor (also called a Primary Care Provider or PCP) can help you identify professional support that is right for you, and refer you to a specialist.

You can also search for therapists by visiting your plan’s website; Kaiser Permanente and Aetna, and logging in.

For member support in your language, call: 

  • KPNW:  800-324-8010
  • KPWA:  1-888-901-4636
  • Aetna:  1-866-353-9802

If you are not on the SEIU 775 Benefits Group health plan, you also have other free wellbeing benefits available to you, including Ginger, Tools for Calm and Resource Finder. Learn about all your self-care options.

Although May is Mental Health Awareness Month, your emotional wellbeing is important throughout the year. Keep caring for yourself and remember to make the most of the benefits you get as a caregiver!