In The News: Apprenticeship Program, HCA Tech Pilot

Why We Need to Take Care of the Workers Behind Home Healthcare
by Michelle Chen, Nation Magazine

In the debate over modernizing the healthcare system, the realm of home-based healthcare services seems mired in the last century. Long dismissed as unskilled “senior sitters,” home care aides have only recently been officially included under minimum wage and overtime protections. Yet even as they’re just catching up to last century’s labor laws, home care is quickly adapting to 21st-century medical standards—creating the double challenge of shaping dignified careers out of a traditionally thankless job.

2015 Advanced Home Care Aide Apprenticeship Graduate Clara Aiken was chosen as the 2015 Apprenticeship Graduation speaker.

Since home-based healthcare services is one of the fastest growing sectors, home care jobs are being redefined largely by market trends. But a program developed through the SEIU home care union in Washington sees the sector’s expansion as a platform to systematically transform one of the lowest-paid jobs into a career of the future.

The SEIU Healthcare Northwest Training Partnership’s apprenticeship program, an initiative administered through a non-profit founded by the union in partnership with employers and the state, takes a two-pronged approach: first, equipping aides to “keep people healthy and out of emergency rooms and hospital beds” by delivering preventive senior and disability care; second, to help union members “reap a fair share of the financial benefits that accrue to the system,” primarily by avoiding more expensive emergency and hospital care. The broader goal is boosting job quality for the workforce, comprised of mostly working-poor women, by reducing extremely high turnover rates (currently exceeding 60 percent annually) and building equitable career pathways for future workers.

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  1. Sara McCaslin says:

    Hi Jose!

    Thank you so much for your interest in our Apprenticeship Program! I have shared your info with our staff member in charge of the program, who will get in touch with you.

    Thank you so much!

    Sara McCaslin – Communications Program Lead

  2. Sara McCaslin says:

    Hi Janet! Thank you so much for your interest! I will also forward your name along to our staff working on the apprenticeship program. Thank you for getting in touch with us!

    Sara McCaslin – Communications Program Lead

  3. Hi, I have a NA license and have been working as a caregiver since 2008. I want to open and Adult Family Home (currently in the Admin course) but I need my HCA. I live in Grays Harbor how can you help me?

  4. Norie Heilman says:

    If I do the 70 hrs and 12 of those count towards my on going Ed
    If I’m a agency provider do I get the 25 cent raise or is that only for I P’s

  5. Could someone please contact me with additional details anoit this program? Im a provider in OR relocating to WA soon. Thank you

  6. I have worked as a Certified HCA for the last 2 years and been a PArent Provider for my youngest daughter since 2013. I am a young, older woman and love to share knowledge with peers and mentor others. I would like to learn more about program and maybe my experience and knowledge can help others.

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