Training Partnership Recognized by White House For Expansion of Apprenticeship Program

Training Partnership one of five business, union and nonprofit groups highlighted nationwide for work to expand apprenticeships and career pathways

The SEIU Healthcare NW Training Partnership, the largest home care worker training provider in the country, was recognized by the White House on Wednesday for the expansion of its unique apprenticeship program. The program, which is designed to meet the career pathway needs of Washington state’s 43,000 Home Care Aides, works to fill the workforce need in home care, the fastest growing occupation in the country.

As part of an initiative by the White House to invest in job training to help workers get trained with high-demand skills, the President and Vice President highlighted five business, union and nonprofit groups for their work to expand apprenticeships. They also announced the availability of $100 million in funds to reward partnerships that help more workers participate in apprenticeships.

The Training Partnership’s first in the nation Registered Apprenticeship program for Home Care Aides was lauded for its commitment to train 3,000 apprentices a year in five years from the current level of 300 a year. In addition, the Training Partnership will leverage learning technologies to scale training programs to reach 10 times more workers over five years. The Training Partnership, which is a nonprofit school created and sponsored by a labor-management partnership, will work with the State of Washington, SEIU, home care providers, healthcare systems, healthcare purchasers and payors and other stakeholders to achieve these goals.

Training Partnership Executive Director, Charissa Raynor, says investing in apprenticeships is a smart choice. “Registered Apprenticeship is a proven model for developing high demand skills and advancing worker earning potential. Expansion in the home care workforce opens the door to Registered Apprenticeship in new industries, like healthcare,” she says. “Apprenticeship will target the expanding role of home care workers to add value to the healthcare system by improving health and healthcare cost outcomes. We’ll do this by training and technologizing home care workers to reduce avoidable and expensive emergency room, hospitalization, and nursing home use.”

Over the next few months, the Aspen Institute, with support from the Ford Foundation and SkillUp Washington, will conduct a study of the Training Partnership’s innovative approaches to better understand the impact of the organization’s training on the state’s home care workforce and home care consumers.

Read the official Fact Sheet on American Job Training Investments from The White House.