National Apprenticeship Certification

A Nationally Recognized Apprenticeship Program for Advanced Home Care Aides

The Apprenticeship Program offers a unique opportunity for Advanced Home Care Aide Specialists to apply skills learned on the job and grow their careers. This program is free to any caregiver enrolled in the Advanced Home Care Aide Specialist program.

Program Mission: Guide and support Advanced Home Care Aides to apply both Basic Training and Advanced Skills sets to handle various challenges on-the-job

Participants receive:

  • A safe environment to discuss work challenges and review skills learned.
  • Unlimited tutoring support from Certified Home Care Aide Peer Mentors.
  • A nationally-recognized Advanced Home Care Aide Apprentice certificate from the Department of Labor.
  • Graduates will receive a free book, Words of Power: A Guide for Ordinary People to Calm and De-Escalate Aggressive Individuals.

Who is Eligible?

Advanced Home Care Aide who care for high needs consumer and be registered for the Advanced Home Care Aide Specialist program

I Want to be an Apprentice

How It Works

The apprenticeship program is in addition to our Advanced Training program. You can follow these steps to receive the program’s Apprenticeship certificate:

  • Submit the Apprenticeship application.
  • Complete and pass your 70-hour Advanced Training program.
  • Be a certified Home Care Aide (HCA) OR meet the HCA certification requirement.
  • Connect with a Peer Mentor for at least 3 hours.

Advanced Training time is paid.

Who’s Eligible

To qualify for the apprenticeship, you need to:

  • Have completed or be willing to complete 70 hours of Basic Training (BT).*
  • Hold an active Washington State Home Care Aide certification, or be willing to obtain your certification.
  • Worked at least 600 hours.
  • Be registered for the Advanced Home Care Aide Specialist program. Find out if you’re eligible here.

*If you have not completed Basic Training 70, you can take advantage of our Exempt Certification Benefit before earning your apprenticeship certification.

Next Steps

Once you are registered in Advanced Home Care Aide Registered Apprenticeship program, a peer mentor will reach out to connect with you.


For questions about the apprenticeship program and how to register or to access mentorship services at anytime, please email or call 855-803-2095, Monday–Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a registered apprenticeship?

Registered Apprenticeships are innovative systems of preparing workers for jobs. Overseen by the U.S. Department of Labor, they combine facilitated on-the-job mentorship with work-based instruction and learning while the worker receives wages. At the end of the apprenticeship period, the worker earns a national industry-recognized occupational credential that, in some cases, may include college credit.

What is the Advanced Home Care Aide Registered Apprenticeship?

The Apprenticeship Program includes 70 hours of Advanced Training along with unlimited access to peer mentor support.  Peer mentorship is intended to support apprentices effectively and confidently apply their new skills on-the-job.

Upon completion of the program, Apprentices will receive a national, industry-recognized apprenticeship certification registered through the U.S. Department of Labor.

Who qualifies for the apprenticeship program?

To qualify for the Apprenticeship Program caregivers need to:

  • Be registered in Advanced Training classes
  • Have completed Basic Training 70 (BT), or be willing to complete BT.*
  • Hold an active Washington State Home Care Aide certification, or be willing to obtain your certification.
  • Have worked a total of 600 hours.

*If you have not completed Basic Training 70, you can take advantage of the Exempt Certification Benefit to access the training and obtain your Department of Health Certification.

To receive the Advanced Home Care Aide Registered Apprenticeship certificate, an apprentice must:

  • Complete the 70-hour Advanced Training
  • Access a minimum of 3 hours of Peer Mentor support within 6 months of starting Advanced Training.

Facilitators and proctors will provide additional mentorship throughout the training.

What are the benefits of enrolling?

The Apprenticeship Program provides unlimited access to peer mentorship throughout Advanced Training and beyond. Peer Mentors will help apprentices gain job-related competencies through coaching and support as they begin applying new advanced skills on the job, resulting in increased confidence. In addition, mentors will help apprentices balance work and training

Apprentices will:

  • Earn a national industry-recognized apprenticeship certification.
  • Receive unlimited on-the-job mentorship, at no cost.
  • Gain access to additional skills practice and assessment preparation.   

As an apprentice, will I be required to spend additional time beyond the 70 hours to complete Advanced Training?

Enrolled apprentices will have unlimited access to peer mentorship, but need to utilize a minimum of 3 hours of peer mentor support. Mentorship can be accessed anytime throughout the Advanced Training and up to 4 months after completion.

Working with a peer mentor can help streamline the learning process, clarify and troubleshoot challenges that come up on the job or during online learning, and to help learners feel more prepared to apply new skills through practice and demonstrations. Mentees have reported that working with peer mentors resulted in increased confidence on the job and reduced anxiety in preparing for tests or assessments.

Will I receive additional pay upon completing the apprenticeship program?

Apprentices are paid for 70 hours of Advanced Training and receive a .75 cent raise after successfully completing Advanced Training.  

Does obtaining a National Apprenticeship Certification credential exempt me from having to take caregiver training if I move to another State?

The Apprenticeship Certificate is a national, industry-recognized certification. However, caregiver training is not uniform nationally. Since training requirements differ by state, it is important to refer to the specific regulations in each state.

How do I access peer mentor support?

Apprentices can email or call the Peer Mentor Support Line to set up a session anytime. In addition, a series of skills demonstration and discussion sessions via video conferencing will be available for participation.  A maximum of five learners can attend each skill session at once.

Call the Peer Mentor Support Line at 1-855-803-2095 or email to set up one-on-one support! Peer Mentors are available Monday–Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and some weekends depending on demand.

Need someone to cover for you?

  • Carina is a free website where you and your client can find trained Individual Providers ready to provide back-up care. Carina also connects you with clients if you are looking more work. Visit: Call: 1-844-797-8901.
  • Home Care Referral Registry is also a resource for your client. Visit: Call: 1-800-970-5456.

The SEIU 775 Training Partnership Apprenticeship program offers equal opportunity to all applicants. Please call 1-855-803-2095 if you have any questions.

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