Powerful Stories of Home Care Aide Health Success

While you provide high-quality care to others, it can feel like there’s little time to take care of yourself. It can be hard to make an appointment with your Primary Care Provider (PCP), complete your health profile, even find time to exercise.

Read the stories of Home Care Aides — just like you — whose health and lives improved when they began caring for themselves as fully as they cared for others.


Asia had trouble finding the time to care for her client, her child, her home, and, most importantly, herself. So, she completed her Health Profile to help create a self-care schedule. Now she exercises with her son and does yoga twice a week. “Working on myself and doing preventive care, really helps me,” she says. “If I don’t keep my body up, then I won’t be able to provide the type of care that I provide for the client.” Complete your health profile.


Ben was often feeling sad, moody, tired, and hopeless. He heard about depression and knew taking care of it would require time and commitment. He made the decision to help himself by utilizing his mental health benefits. Ben received the care he needed and it turned his life turned around. “I took important steps: I spoke with my PCP, practiced ways to manage my depression, and am making my life better,” he says. “It made the lives of everybody else that’s associated with me better, as well.” Learn more about mental health benefits 


Eva makes sure she has her teeth cleaned every six months – for her own health and to model dental care for her consumer. “He knows I care for my teeth, and he knows that he should do the same,” she says. “When I can no longer care for my consumer he’ll have learned the habits for healthy teeth, and can tell somebody else, ‘It’s time for me to get my teeth cleaned,” or, “It’s time for me to go to the doctor and have my medications checked.” Complete a dental cleaning 


Phil was experiencing discomfort in his shoulder, so he made an appointment with his PCP for an office visit. While he was there, he mentioned a concern he had about his heart, so Phil’s PCP gave him a stress test. His PCP determined he needed an angiogram and sent him into quadruple bypass surgery. The surgery cost $100,000, but because he has insurance through Health Benefits Trust, Phil’s out-of-pocket expense — including his $15 co-pay and fees for tests — was only $80. Complete a preventative care visit.

Care Begins with You

The SEIU 775 Benefits Group is excited to introduce the Care Begins With You initiative to support your personal health improvement.

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