Your Dental Health

Complete a Dental Cleaning

Your oral health is part of your overall health. Regular dental care should be part of your health care schedule. According to the American Dental Association, a healthy smile is linked to a healthy heart.

Your Dental Benefits

Healthy teeth and gums are a critical part of your overall health. That’s why comprehensive dental benefits are included in the coverage you receive through the Health Benefits Trust. Coverage helps you with routine dental care as well as dental emergencies.

Full Dental Coverage with Delta Dental or Willamette

Click to view information about your dental benefits. Each HCA has to choose a plan with either Willamette or Delta Dental during enrollment.

Your dental cleanings are covered in full – two times every calendar year. Learn more at

You have full coverage for cleanings two times a year after a $15 co-pay. Learn more at



Care Begins with You

The SEIU 775 Benefits Group is excited to introduce the Care Begins With You initiative to support your personal health improvement.

Take a checkup for Depression or Anxiety

Take a few minutes to take this checkup for anxiety.

Take the Checkup

Take a few minutes to take this checkup for depression.

Take the Checkup