Exempt Certification Benefit

Expert Skills for Career and Family Caregivers

Some family providers and veteran caregivers have been exempt from the requirement to complete Basic Training 70 and get certified. But, thanks to a new bargained benefit, you now have the chance to master your skills, meet other caregivers and receive Home Care Aide certification when you complete Basic Training 70.

‘I Wanted to Be a Better Caregiver’

Carry C. had been a caregiver for most of her life, tending to her quadriplegic mother. Because she started caregiving many years ago, Carry had not been required to take Basic Training, which is now part of on-boarding for all new caregivers entering the field.

But Carry was driven by a hunger to give the best care she could and became one of the first to take advantage of the new Exempt Certification Benefit.

“I know I have been doing this since 14, it’s like natural to me,” says Carry, who lives in Covington. “But I wanted a license. I wanted a certificate. I wanted to be able to excel. My mom, I want to give her this care — she deserves it.”

More about the Exempt Certification Benefit:

  • Space is limited, enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • After completing Basic Training and passing your Department of Health exam, you will be a certified Home Care Aide.
  • You’ll receive a $0.25-an-hour raise.
  • The course is free, and we’ll cover the application and exam fees.
  • The training gives you 12 hours of Continuing Education credits.

Take Your Care to Another Level

You have the chance to take your caregiving to the next level. By signing up for Basic Training through the Exempt Certification Benefit, you will gain:

Hands-on skills training with seasoned instructors passionate about the home care profession

A chance to connect with other caregivers in your area

Knowledgeable skills such as assisting with medication, proper lifting and preventing the spread of infectious diseases

$0.25 hourly raise upon certification

A Basic Training Certificate and Home Care Aide Certification

Female caregiver standing next to her smiling mother in a bed

“You can take advantage of this opportunity and really just excel and push yourself to do even better in it.”

—Carry C., caregiver in Covington, Wash.

More Details

Some important things to know about the Exempt Certification Benefit:

  • The time spent in training is unpaid.
  • Training is a 70-hour, in-person class requirement. If you have never taken Orientation & Safety, you will need to complete this five-hour course online as well.
  • Once you are credentialed, you will need to complete Continuing Education and renew your certification each year.
  • If you have questions about how these training hours affect your health benefits eligibility, please contact the MRC.

Need Someone to Cover for You?

  • Do you need to find someone to care for your client while you are in class? Or perhaps you are interested in taking on an additional client? Carina is a free website (thanks to your union contract) where you and your client can find trained Individual Providers ready to provide back up care. Carina also connects you with clients if you are looking more work. Visit: CarinaCare.com. Call: 1-844-797-8901.
  • Home Care Referral Registry is also a resource for your client. Visit: www.hcrr.wa.gov. Call: 1-800-970-5456.