Home Care Aides

Imagine that you’ve been working with a home care consumer for over a week. Then, after transferring them from their bed to a wheelchair, you feel a pain in your back. The pain makes it difficult to work. How could this have been prevented? You can learn more about these concerns and others at “Annual Training on Hazards of Blood-borne Pathogens in the Workplace and Preventing Workplace Injuries.” This two-hour Continuing Education course is a review of workplace safety, including common avoidable injuries, hazards of blood-borne pathogens, strategies for reducing overexertion, and avoiding and reporting “slip, trip and fall” injuries.

The SEIU Healthcare NW Training Partnership and Health BenefitsTrust launched Portal 2.0, the new learning management and benefits portal for Home Care Aide students and Health Benefits Trust members. The new portal launched at www.myseiubenefits.org on July 29, 2013. Portal 2.0 is a replacement to the old portal system used by students and their employers to register for classes, take online Continuing Education, check their training requirements and enroll for health benefits. In addition to newer technology, some features of

Portal 2.0 include:

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If you have limited English skills, you can bring an interpreter to class with you, for Basic Training or Continuing Education classes. We call such volunteer interpreters “Community Interpreters.” Your Community Interpreter must be at least 18 years old.
In an ongoing effort to provide multiple ways for students to take their Continuing Education, the Training Partnership currently has 39 online Continuing Education classes available in English. In addition, there are 10 courses available for students to take in Spanish and Russian.
View or download "Your Benefits" book to view training standards, policies, procedures and see corrections and updates. The "Your Benefits" book provides a comprehensive look at your training and health benefits, please review it carefully to understand your benefits and how to use them.

Training Basics

The Training Partnership provides quality continuing education (CE) classes that help HCAs in maintaining competency in the profession, but also provides the tools and knowledge to reach the highest standards of practice.

With the November 2011 passage of Initiative 1163, new training standards for Home Care Aides went into effect on Jan. 7, 2012. These revised training standards apply only to those home Care Aides hired on or after Jan. 7, 2012. If you were hired before Jan. 7, 2012, check with the MRC or your employer to determine your training requirements.

Advance Your Career: Get a Raise With Advanced Home Care Aide Apprenticeship

The mission of the SEIU Healthcare NW Training Partnership is to train and develop professional long-term care workers to deliver high quality care. 

Special Programs

Are you looking for mentoring support and connection from an experienced Home Care Aide? The Training Partnership is offering a new and exciting Peer Mentoring service at no cost to you! If you are a Home Care Aide, we are eligible to receive one-hour weekly mentoring sessions with a matched mentor in your area. After you complete 12 hours of peer mentoring, you will receive a certificate of completion! Read on for more details and how to apply.