Tools for Calm

About the Course

Tools for Calm offers practical guidance for relieving stress and finding more calm in your life and work. This program may help you:

  • Identify when and how to find moments to relax
  • Be calm in the midst of stress
  • Better manage feelings of anxiety or depression
  • Sleep better

This online course is available for all caregivers. Here’s what the course offers:

  • One hour-long session a week for 6 weeks
  • Video-based class sessions (attend from your living room or your kitchen)
  • Exercises and tools to try at work and at home
  • 6 continuing education (CE) credits awarded for completion
  • A community of other caregivers who can support and encourage you

Class Schedule

Pick the day that works for you.

9-10 a.m.
7-8 p.m.
10-11 a.m.
Week 1 Oct. 1 Oct. 2 Oct. 6
Week 2 Oct. 8 Oct. 9 Oct. 13
Week 3 Oct. 15 Oct. 16 Oct. 20
Week 4 Oct. 22 Oct. 23 Oct. 27
Week 5 Oct. 29 Oct. 30 Nov. 3
Week 6 Nov. 5 Nov. 6 Nov. 10

How to Register

1)  Log in to the Training Portal (use the box on the left side of this page).

2) Once you’ve logged in, follow these steps to register for class:

  • Click on “Manage My Training”
  • Click “Enroll” next to “Mindfulness at Work for Caregivers”
  • Select “Show Details” next to the class schedule you would like to register for
  • Click on “Enroll in All” (a new page will load)
  • Click on “Enroll”

Having problems registering? Send an email to or call the Member Resource Center (MRC) at 1-866-371-3200, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. If you currently don’t have an open CE requirement, the MRC is happy to register you for the class dates you are interested in.

What Is Mindfulness?

In this video, we explain what mindfulness is and how it may help you:

What Are Other Caregivers Saying About Tools for Calm?

Caregivers who have participated in earlier courses have noticed reduced stress, anxiety and feelings of depression. They also say the course has had a ripple effect – the benefits they experience quickly become benefits for their clients and their families.

Caregivers talk about the program in their own words:

Six (6) Continuing Education Credits

When you complete all 6 sessions, you can receive 6 hours of CE credit. More details about getting CE credit can be found here.

Want to learn more about how to register, future Spanish-language options and future course schedules? Visit the FAQ.

Have questions about the program? Send an email to