Tools for Calm FAQ

Q: How do I get continuing education (CE) credits for the course?

You can earn 6 CE credits for completing the course. In order to earn 6 credits, you must complete all sessions of the course. If you miss a session, your instructor will send you instructions on how to make up that class. However, you can only make up a maximum of 2 class sessions. That means you must attend the rest of the sessions live, in person, at your regular class day and time.


Q: When will I get my CE credit?

6 CE credits will be applied all at once, within a few weeks after the course has ended. No partial CE credit is granted. If you have a CE requirement deadline before the end of the course, you’ll need to take a different CE course to fulfill that requirement.


Q: I don’t need CE credit, can I still take the course?

Yes! We know that self-care is important and we want to support our caregivers by providing this benefit to you.


Q: Does SEIU 775 Benefits Group offer mindfulness courses in languages other than English?

You should be able to take a Spanish-language mindfulness class beginning in late 2018/early 2019.


Q: What do I do if I miss a class?

If you miss class, your instructor will contact you directly with information on how to make up the class. You can make up the class in two ways: attend another live class at a different time, OR watch a recorded version of the class and email the instructor back answers to a few questions to demonstrate you understood the content. Each class follows the next in order, so you’ll want to catch up quickly if you miss. Because each class session builds on the one before, It’s important to complete the makeup before the start of your next class.


Q: How does an online course work?

Rather than going into a classroom, at the start of class time you will access the class sessions through a live video stream on your computer. This means caregivers from all over the state can benefit from this course, without having to drive anywhere! There will be a live instructor teaching the class, and participants will have a chance to see the instructor as well as their classmates.


Q: Can I take the class while I’m cooking, cleaning my house, or running errands?

Even though the course is online, it will require your full attention and that your face be visible to the instructor. If they can’t see you on the video, you won’t be counted as present for that class session.

Also, this course will teach you techniques to de-stress and find a moment of calm, so you’ll want to have a fairly quiet area where you can take the class without interruption. Before you start the class, it can be helpful to let your family, friends and clients know that during the class time, you’ll need to focus on that rather than other things.


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