Health Program Offerings

Current Programs is a free coaching and emotional support app. Coaches are available via text 24/7 to help you reduce stress and manage the challenges you see at work or home every day.




Retrofit is a personalized weight-management program that works. You’ll have regular check-ins with a nutritionist or weight-loss coach, online classes, and personalized and small-group coaching. You’ll also receive tracking tools for weight, food, mood, steps, and exercise.




This 10.5-month program provides 1-on-1 nutritional coaching to eligible caregivers, so that you can feel better, lose weight and create new, healthy eating habits. Coaches offer support as you learn how to add more vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, grains and other plant-based choices to your meals. The program can also help you prevent or reverse diabetes and heart disease.


Real Lives of Home Care Workers, coming soon!

Real Lives of Home Care Workers is a confidential research project collecting information that can help SEIU 775 Benefits Group improve our services for home care aides. You’ll complete a 90-minute interview and allow us to follow along for 60 minutes during a confidential care visit in your client’s home.

Past Programs

Caregiver Kicks

SAFE-T Toolkit



Care Begins with You

The SEIU 775 Benefits Group is excited to introduce the Care Begins With You initiative to support your personal health improvement.

Take a checkup for Depression or Anxiety

Take a few minutes to take this checkup for depression.

Take the Checkup

Take a few minutes to take this checkup for anxiety.

Take the Checkup