COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Caregiver Training

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We have been monitoring the recent COVID-19 (the coronavirus) outbreak and are committed to your health and wellbeing during this time. Visit this page for the latest updates and your training-related questions.

Last updated: November 9.

New Classroom Policies and Procedures

See the webpage on Classroom Policies and Procedures.

How to Download and Use Zoom

See full instructions on this webpage.

Rescheduling Classes

Some classes are in the process of being rescheduled. Caregivers who have filled out the Department of Health (DOH) Home Care Aide Certification application (“DOH Application”) and whose training deadlines have passed will be contacted first as classes are rescheduled. You will be contacted with more information about class rescheduling; you do not need to contact us.
Basic Training 70, Basic Training 30 Skills Lab, Basic Training 7

Your training will be rescheduled. You will be contacted with rescheduling information when it becomes available. You do not need to call the MRC. Training deadline information is available below.

Advanced Training
Your class will be rescheduled. You will not have to take any classes you have already attended. Your rescheduled Advanced Training course* will continue where you left off. If you need the 12 CE credits you receive after completing Advanced Training for your annual requirement, you can take online CE courses instead (see instructions below).

*If you are mid-program, please keep your Chromebook and bring it back to your rescheduled class. If you are not able to return to the rescheduled program, please contact for instructions for how to return your Chromebook.

Continuing Education (CE)

  • If you were enrolled in an in-person CE course, you will be unenrolled in that course so that you may sign up for online courses. Please allow processing time if this has not yet occurred.
  • It’s easy to complete your CE credits online. There are more than 60 online CE courses and webinars available to you.You can enroll by logging in to My Benefits. Need help enrolling? Follow these helpful instructions.
  • Courses in Other Languages: Many online CE courses are also available in Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese.
  • If you were enrolled in a language course that is not one listed above, you will be contacted about class reschedules.

Please note: In-person, CE courses are canceled and will not be rescheduled. We encourage you to use online options.

Nurse Delegation, Skills Refresher
Your training will be rescheduled. You will be contacted with rescheduling information when it becomes available.

Member Resource Center (MRC) Hours Changes and Other Closures

Currently, the MRC has modified hours. They can be reached between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Pacific time.
Additionally, all Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA) offices will be closed on the following dates:
Monday, June 29
Monday, July 6
Monday, July 13
Monday, July 20
This could affect your ability to get services from the DDA on these dates.

Training Deadlines and Testing Facilities

Washington state has extended the deadline for caregiver training and continuing education (CE) requirements until November 9, 2020, or until the end of the the COVID-19 State of Emergency, whichever occurs first.

Department of Health (DOH) has also extended credential exemptions for renewals through December 7, 2020.

Prometric has temporarily closed all testing sites. Because of this, the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) has temporarily revised the provider qualifications for both Individual Providers and Agency Providers. What this means is that deadlines have been temporarily suspended and caregivers can continue working, even if they have not completed basic training or their Home Care Aide certification. Caregivers are still expected to complete the training and certification once they’re available again.

Deadlines have also been suspended for CE requirements. If your annual CE deadline was impacted by class closure, you can still work as a caregiver. However, you can still complete your CE requirement by choosing from over 60 online CE courses and webinars. Enroll by logging in to My Benefits.

Health Benefits and Retirement Support

If the MRC is closed and you have questions about your healthcare benefits or eligibility, or your secure retirement plan, please call 1-866-770-1917. You can also find information about health and retirement at

If you are looking for COVID-19-related health information, please visit the COVID-19 Resources page that has the latest, most accurate information.

For a limited time, if you work fewer than the required 80 hours per month due to COVID-19, you can still get continuous health insurance if you have health coverage through SEIU 775 Benefits Group. Learn more.