Caregiver Kicks

Free shoes for caregivers

“Best benefit ever! It was so easy to order. You had a range of styles. I got them and put them on. I was in heaven because they’re so comfortable.

– John R., Caregiver

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About Caregiver Kicks

Free shoes for caregivers!

Get your free* pair of Caregiver Kicks — slip-resistant shoes — every year! Caregiver Kicks:

  • Are comfortable.
  • Keep you safer on the job.
  • Look great and are available in over 70 styles, from popular brands like Reebok and Skechers.

Whether they are clogs, sneakers, high-tops or flats, Caregiver Kicks are the shoes you need to be safer and more comfortable on the job. 

Safety Information for Caregiver Kicks
Caregivers say that Caregiver Kicks can improve foot and back pain, and help with slippery indoor floors.

 Watch “Safety Tips for Caregiver Kicks” to learn more about how Caregiver Kicks are different from regular shoes.

Your Caregiver Kicks are designed to keep you safe at work by helping prevent slips in wet or slippery environments. They are not designed to be used in snow, icy conditions or the gym.

*Depending on eligibility.

“These shoes should be on every caregiver.”

– Brittany W., Caregiver