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It’s easy to use your health benefits: 

  • Make an online account at
  • Find a primary care doctor.
  • Schedule a check-up.

Make an Online Account

An online account saves time by making it easy to find a doctor, manage costs or try a health program. 

  • Visit the Aetna website.
  • Click the “Login” button on the upper right-hand corner. 
  • Under “Don’t Have An Account?”, click “Register”. 
  • Complete the 4 steps for new user registration.
    • You can use your Member ID found on your insurance card or your Social Security number to sign up.

Find a Doctor

The first step to using your benefits is finding a doctor (also called a “primary care provider”) who can provide you with continued care. And with your health plan, doctor’s visits are just $15.

Follow these steps to find a doctor in your network:

  • Visit the “Provider Referral Directory.” 
  • Under “Continue as a Guest,” enter your zip code, and click “Search.” 
  • Select the Aetna Choice® POS II Open Access Plan, and click “Continue.”
  • Click the “Medical Doctors & Specialists” category, then click the “Doctors (Primary Care)” category. 
  • Select from the top of the list, “Doctors (Primary Care).”
  • Select “All Primary Care Physicians.”  

If you prefer to find a doctor or discuss your plan over the phone, call Aetna Member Services at 855-736-9469, and let them know your insurance is through SEIU 775 Benefits Group.


Your 2020-2021 Health Plan

Use your affordable (and in many cases, free) benefits! Benefits include emotional health programs and dental, hearing and vision benefits.

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