Advanced Home Care Aide Specialist

Make a Difference

We know it’s important to you that you’re able to provide your clients with meaningful support and care that truly makes a difference in their lives. We also recognize that the day-to-day realities of caregiving can be challenging to navigate.

As an Advanced Home Care Aide Specialist, you will be able to provide exceptional care in complex settings — in a way that not only enhances your knowledge and skills, but also strengthens the relationship between you and the person or people you help support.

70 hours of advanced learning


You will earn your normal wage while in the Skills Lab

Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll get a $0.50/hour raise

Learn both in a classroom setting and online

Become a Caregiving Expert

  • Learn online and in class, with just one day per week in the classroom.
  • Caregivers practice new skills in a safe environment with other caregivers.
  • Receive coaching from an expert facilitator.

Learn More & Earn More

Level Up: When you enroll in the Advanced Home Care Aide Specialist Program, you’ll develop your skills and build your knowledge in advanced home care. You’ll learn more about how to implement treatment and care plans, and how to assist participants in their self-management of chronic diseases.

Advance Your Career: Secure a career pathway by taking a top-level course.

Earn More: Receive a $0.50 per-hour pay raise.

Learn More: Get paid to build your essential caregiving soft skills. The eight-week course includes key skill labs that will help take your caregiving to the next level. You will have an opportunity to learn skills such as:

  • Problem-solving: Learn steps to take to deal with potentially stressful situations and find effective solutions.
  • De-escalation: Learn important observational skills, escalation triggers, and techniques to use to avoid escalation and for de-escalation.
  • Treatment and Care Plans: Identify tasks and goals and facilitate updates for different types of care plans with appropriate parties.
  • Monitoring, Observation, & Reporting: Monitor your client’s well-being over time.
  • Health Literacy and Client Engagement: Identify your client’s engagement and literacy levels, and target your support accordingly.
  • Organizing Care Activities: Learn tips for organizing appointment reminders, provider questions, medication coordination, and discharge information.

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Who Qualifies? 

The Advanced Home Care Aide Specialist Program is designed for caregivers who are working with people who have complex needs. Home care aides and clients enroll in this pilot program together. 


  • Have completed Basic Training.
  • Have 600 cumulative career hours.

Your client:

  • Must be receiving person in-home care from HCS or DDA.
  • Has high or complex needs as defined by DSHS.

More Details

To be eligible, your client must:

  • Be receiving personal in-home care from HCS or DDA
  • Meet one (or both) of the following two sets of criteria
    • Be receiving Medicaid Health Home Services, have a PRISM Risk Score of 1.5 or greater upon enrollment, and have received a Health Action Plan and/or
    • Have a CARE Behavior Score of 12 or above and have a Behavior Support Plan (or agree to accept a behavior support plan within 2 months of the provider competing training)

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be an individual provider with a current or future authorization
  • Be providing personal in-home care to an eligible client
  • Have 600 or more Cumulative Care Hours
  • Meet one (or more) of the following sets of criteria
    • Have one of the following certifications (RN, LPN, NAC, HM, ARNP, OSPI) and/or
    • Be exempt due to employment history and/or
    • Have completed a qualifying Basic Training regimen

For a full list of eligibility requirements, click here.

Enroll with Your Client, then Register for a Class

Once you have submitted your enrollment application, your client will be contacted to verify your client’s willingness to enroll with you. If you are eligible, once your client confirms, you and your client will be officially enrolled in the program.

You will then need to register for a specific class. We will notify you when a class opens up in your area. You can register one of two ways: through the Training Portal or through the Member Resource Center.

Click here for a guide on how to register for classes.

Contact the MRC at 1-866-371-3200 or via email at

How to Earn Your Advanced Caregiver Certificate


The caregiver and the client both enroll in the program. After the caregiver enrollment application is received, the client will be contacted about enrollment. Once the caregiver and client are both enrolled then the caregiver will contacted and will register for class.

To become an advanced caregiver, the caregiver needs to:

  1. Submit an enrollment application
  2. Wait for your client to be contacted to enroll as well
  3. Register for a class
  4. Complete the training

To enroll, click on the “Enroll Here” tab on this page.